The advantages of staging

Staging is a process that's partly done by the real estate agent and partly done by an interior designer. As most real estate agents acquire skills over time with interior design, many times they would arrange the staging themselves. Let's enlist a couple of reasons why staging is good for you.

1.) It helps you emotionally

When you pack together and pack out, it's a pretty sad process all in all. Staging is good because seeing your former home staged will make it look like it's not yours anymore. Therefore it would emotionally help you to detach yourself all the quicker. It's also a better feeling when people go to see your property, that they would not be involved with any or most of your personal furniture.

2.) It can drastically transform any given space

There are tons of furniture rentals specialized on renting furniture for staging. Basically staging shows you the way how your home should be on the first place, if you lived on the tabloids of magazines. It would feature your home clean and it will make it appear way younger than it is. With a fresh coat of paint on the walls and the window and door frames with all the new furniture would really give that feeling for the viewers that it's a wholly renovated home.

3.) It would make your home look its very best

Staging is a weird job, because it represents a hotel-like showroom state how most people would be unable to live. It would also make many people forget about the lack of actual, useful pieces, such as closets and other storage space.

4.) Staging for Open Days

Open days will make it possible for you to show your home for more people in the same time. If you are smart you would leave this demanding task to the real estate agent and not be around by the time the event is starting.

5.) Prepares the home for moving

You are quicker to move out when staging is going to happen, because the real estate agent would have a specifically chosen day of staging by which the majority of moving out should be done. This way you are more pressured to get your stuff together, do a proper decluttering and make sure all what you would like to bring or give away is finely divided into two categories.

6.) It helps giving your home a personality

We often multitask in our rooms but staging would also be a big help in defining spaces which is a must-do. This way, visitors would definitely see which room is the dining room, which room is the home office and so on, so forth.

Good staging can raise the original value of your home even by 10% if it's really done professionally by a real good real estate agent who works with a very good crew and can get high quality rented furniture for your property. Therefore, don't miss out on staging, it has so many advantages.