How to upgrade the value of your homewithout much money involved

When it comes to all the tips which have value raising effects, it's natural that most of us want to hear tips which are easy to do and they are not costly either. So, we thought to come up with some of the handiest tips we have for you to do big changes without spending any or too much money. And on how to get started.

1. Getting started

You must walk through your home and do your very best to start seeing it with the eyes of a stranger. Notice which aspects of your home you notice first, because that's exactly how all those visiting your home would look at it as well. Enlist all you see: what looks ugly, what looks good. Then think about how all the bad features can be corrected, made to look better.

2. Declutter

Most of us are hoarders at heart because this how consumers' society conditions us to be. Even if you don't believe this, your home is likely full of stuff you don't use, you don't need and those you have long forgotten about. Create space and start decluttering. Forget about phrases which say that you could use something „later”. This is most hoarder's mantra and it's mostly not true. What you don't use today, you won't use it tomorrow either, so it either goes in the bin or give that away for those who need them more. Lots of charities are happy to receive anything you wouldn't need and this way, you would do good and help someone else too. When all is gone, you will be left with a lot of space.

3. Creating more space

Potential buyers always look for more space than they have. So, with decluttering you have managed to create space, now it's time to create even more of it. Take a look at how your rooms are furnished and what you could do to make your rooms look better.

  • Step 1: If your rooms are painted into dark or intense colours, the first step for you should be to instantly get that painted into something lighter (light shades of grey, brown and yellow are very popular). This easy step will instantly make your rooms look larger.
  • Step 2: time to say goodbye to the most outdated and/or most unnecessary pieces of furniture. We all have furniture we only keep because we have nowhere to throw them away. Now, it's time for you to get someone to bring them away.
  • Step 3: The way a room is furnished can really define its overall feel and free space it can provide. Experiment with what you have and see how it simply looks and feels better. Different ways of furnishing can already make a huge difference. Include one or two larger plants to add some extra in your rooms.
4. Clean

Cleaning does huge changes you wouldn't even think of. It would make a space look brighter and newer. Never underestimate the effect of a proper cleaning. Give it a try them marvel at the difference it makes.

All these jobs can raise the value and attractiveness of your home instantly. Give them a try.