The key things which make your home lose value -instead of winning it

There are several factors which can all contribute to your property lose value but luckily, you can control most of these. Let us show you how.

1.) Having a rundown property

Rundown state is one of the key reasons people won't buy a property and even if they do, they would do it for a much lower price. Therefore, try to treat your property as an investment, clean it regularly and take great care of it. If you have the means, try to replace it as much as you can, as it would drastically raise the value of your property. Doing a clean painting, getting the kitchen and bathroom renovated would instantly raise the value of your home. if you need money very urgently but you can get on with a monthly payback A good intermediate solution is to rent out your property until time arrives for you to do the necessary renovation works to sell your property for a good value.

2.) Dirt and clutter

Never list your home with a we buy any house agent before having it cleaned and decluttered. If you don't have the time or the guts do to it properly, then invest a little bit of money by calling a cleaning team for help. They will literally do wonders with a home, it would literally reborn in front of your eyes. Every home does need a good cleaning and it is such a value defining factor, as noone would like to clean others' dirt much obviously. As for the clutter, you ought to do it or it would have a very bad effect on your property's value. Clutter makes spaces smaller, uses up storage space unnecessarily and it has an overall bad effect on us all. Know no mercy and just drop it all out. You will instantly see the stunning difference it would make. Same goes for all the ugly looking overused or dirty furniture which waits to get dumped.

3.) High urgency

Never list a property with high urgency. We mean urgency may be high but others don't need to know about it. You will save yourself much haggling by those who are aware you need money and therefore want to abuse this situation. Also, as soon as your home is clean and orderly, get your home's value declared. This would help you get ahead and do the other necessities which would raise your home's value.

Trying to sell it in the wrong time

Trying to sell during a low-season period would inevitably result in you having to sell for a lower price, in lack of interest. The worst months to sell a property include mid-December up until the beginning of March and June to mid-August. Try to survive not having to sell your property in these periods.

We hope all these tips would help you restore your home's value and even go above it and sell your property for a very good price. If you make these basic steps, your work will surely result in you not having to lose money and can easily make your property much easier to sell.